Replacement Filter Bags for Liquid

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HAYFLOW GAF filter elements for liquid filtration

Hayflow Filter Bag System

Revolutionary New Filter Element

friendly MULTI-BAG/MAXILINETM HOUSING CLOSE CYCLES IN LESS THAN 30 SE HAYFLOW™ This new, patent pending filter element has combined the best of both bag and cartridge filters into one single filtration element for outstanding filtration performance. Because the surface area of the HAYFLOW element is up to 70% greater than a similar size filter bag, existing systems that use it experience longer filter element life and less changing, resulting in reduced running costs. Designers of new bag filtration systems can opt for reduced running costs or, because of the high flow rates possible with HAYFLOW filter element, reduce filter housing size by up to 50% thus lowering the initial cost of the system.

The heart of a HAYFLOW filter element is two concentric cylinders of high-quality extended life Eaton filter media. These cylinders are formed using unique welding technology to create a no by-pass seam. The diameter of the cylinder is the same size as a standard filter bag, so retrofitting into existing systems is easy. The HAYFLOW element is fitted with the patented SENTINEL® sealing ring, ensuring a positive seal with the filter vessel to protect against bypass of the process media.How the HAYFLOW™ Element Works The process fluid enters the inside of the element, passes through it, and exits through the vessel outlet. Like a filter bag, the filtered-out material stays inside the HAYFLOW element. The HAYFLOW element is unlike a filter cartridge, where the residue of the filtered material remains on the outside of the cartridge, complicating the changing process.

An All-Around Better Choice Changing a HAYFLOW filter element can actually be easier than changing a filter bag, because of its revolutionary design only retains 25% of the residual liquid volume of a similarly sized filter bag. When you need to change the element, it weighs up to 75% less than a filter bag. A full bag can weigh up to 33 lbs, so weight is an important consideration for the system operator.

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